Ovation 2078TX
Posted 2020-09-28 2:24 AM (#552953)
Subject: Ovation 2078TX
May 2020
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Hi, thank you for this forum, I've found very useful information.

I'm new here, my name is Patrick, and I need your help and advice,

Went to a warehouse sale, and Purchased a new lovely (Korean) ovation 2078tx but in a lower price because it has no preamp, if not I could never afford it.

I live abroad, and I've read that the guitar comes with an OP Pro,
but it seems that the best option, in my case would be a Op Pro Studio or an Idea, if i can to buy one?
How much would a used or new pre-amp (that you suggest as the best option and why), would cost?

It sounds so good as an acoustic, because of the deep bowl. very low action, love the design and made the effort to purchase it, but without the pre-amp.
It can ship to a friend's address in Miami.

take care, thank you very much indeed.
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