1681 vs. 1537
Posted 2022-08-17 1:49 PM (#557613)
Subject: 1681 vs. 1537

July 2022
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I realize that there may already be some discussion on this, but I wanted to get a fresh take...

How would everyone compare the 1681 with the Elite 1537 in terms of build quality, sound quality, etc.?

I have a 1681-8 and it's magnificent but I've always wondered about the 1537, being that it gets so much praise here!
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Subject: Re: 1681 vs. 1537

June 2002
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Build quality is similar. Sound quality is a matter of personal preference.

I've owned 4 different 1537's and while they were certainly nice sounding guitars I didn't like their voice as much as some other wooden guitars. But at the same time, I have several very good friends from this forum that absolutely love their 1537's and I highly respect their opinions. So it's just everyones preference of their favorite ice cream flavor.
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Posted 2022-08-18 3:29 AM (#557620 - in reply to #557613)
Subject: Re: 1681 vs. 1537

May 2011
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First of all every 1537 is an old guitar (or, vintage...) and thus the top had plenty of time to change. I have a Martin D 45 which took decades to really develop the GLORIOUS sound that it has today. Who knows what time and years will do with your 1681?
The 1681 appears to have a stiffer construction and other overtones, more direct projection, less lower midrange, but not the (unexplainable) overall charm of the older guitar. I had both and I must say that I regret more to have given away the 1537. The praises for this guitar are IMHO reasonable. In a perfect world one should have both.
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moody, p.i.
Posted 2022-08-18 2:39 PM (#557621 - in reply to #557613)
Subject: Re: 1681 vs. 1537

March 2002
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It all depends on what sound you like best. Both are quality instruments and I know people who swear by both of those guitars. I swear by one of them and it's my forever guitar. You need to play both and see what you like. They are different. The cool thing is that you cannot go wrong with either one. Like I said, they are both quality instruments, both very well built in the USA. Neither is a a cheapy overseas built guitar......
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