Ovation Owners Online

     Following the link below will bring you to a copy of the original portal of the "Ovation Owners Online" club launched by Ovation Guitars and Kaman Music Corp. It was launched around 1997 and only existed for a few years. After the trial period, members paid $30.00 and received a copy of "The History of Ovation Guitars" by Walter Carter signed by C.W. Kaman II and some other trinkets.

     There were even "chat" sessions. but for some reason the project didn't really take off and eventually faded from view.
     The pages all work, but any external links have been disabled. Take a tour down memory lane.

Subj: Ovation Factory Chat Today
Date: 97-04-24 09:37:18 EDT
From: XXXXXX-kmc@kaman.com
Just a reminder. If you are able to, join in on our Ovation Factory Chat, today at 1pm edt. This is a weekly event every Thursday afternoon. Ovation Club Members can enter the chat room directly at


The iChat plug in is required.

Today's chat will be hosted by Ovation's Director of Marketing.... he's been known to give away free Ovation wearables!

     I have provide these pages for historic purposes.


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